Website Design for a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Working with my long-time collaborator and friend, Amy Knickerbocker, we completely rebranded her company, A3K Advertising. The purpose of the rebrand was twofold. First, it’s best practice to refresh your website every two to three years. Why? Just like they do with most products, website consumers follow, understand, and react to website trends. They notice dated designs and it can negatively impact their drive to buy from you. Second, Amy is now a Certified StoryBrand® Guide. As a Guide, Amy uses StoryBrand’s 7-part framework to clarify her clients’ message so that they stop wasting money on ineffective marketing. This approach is proven to increase engagement among potential customers and improve conversion, which helps clients grow their business. Her new website now reflects this in her own messaging. For my part, I completely revamped the site with a fresh new design and functionality that helps newly launched A3K Marketing stand out from the crowd.

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